1. FOUNDATION: Footing will be a system of damp-proof course foundation according to the underground peculiarities and (static calculations) and will be constructed of reinforced concrete as per pains and calculations.

2. MAIN FRAME: Will generally be of reinforced concrete. All horizontal slabs will be of fair-face.

3. ROOF: It will be a slab of reinforced concrete and will be properly waterproofed.

4. WALLS: Interior walls will be constructed of buildings blocks 10cm thick and in dimensions specified on plans exterior walls will be constructed of hollow building blocks 20cm thick.

5. PLASTERING: The interior walls on ground and first floors in all houses will be covered with three lames of white plaster.

6. WALL DRESSING: In all toilet and bathroom walls colored porcelain wall tiles will be installed to the height of 2.10m. In all kitchen room the same kind of wall tiles will be used in areas between counters and cabinets as well as on wall areas around laundry machine and refrigerator up to 2.10 high. General Price is £7.00/sq.m.

7. FLOORS: a. in living, dining room and bathrooms is to be installed ceramic tile with cost price 7.00/sq.m.

8. EXTERIOR PLASTERING: Walls on the outside will receive two coats of plaster and paint.

9. MAIN ENTRANCE DOOR: Will be made of wood patent groove shape according to plans.

10. EXTERIOR DOOR AND WINDOWS: All glasses will be double-glazing and the color of aluminum will be white.

• In ground floor: the kitchen door will be made of white aluminum.
• Bathroom windows will be made of same color and material and they are going to be sliders according to plans.
• The rest of balcony doors and windows will be made of aluminum of same color will be used for both doors and windows, and will be sliding.

11. INTERIOR DOORS: All doors will be made of M.D.F. and will take one undercoat and finished with grime spray. Frames will be of Swedish timber and finished with paint.

12. BEDROOM CLOSETS AND KITCHEN COUNTERS: All bedroom closets will be build-in with melamine wood-board inside and M.D.F. outside and will be finished with grime spray. Kitchen counters will be made to plans with M.D.F wood. The top cover will be plastic board (granite tops available as an extra). Also will put the copper pipe for the gas.

13. SANITARY UTENSILS: Bathroom and lavatory utensil of good quality colored porcelain will be installed with all accessories e.g. water mixer tap. Soap dishes, mirrored cost price.

1. Bath £200 3. Washbasin £ 80 5. Soapboxes, paperless £ 30
2. Toilet £ 60 4. Sink £150 6. Mirror £ 50

14. ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION: Will be covered according to plans and the approval of A.H.K. (Cyprus Electricity Authority).

15. PUMBING AND SWAGE SYSTEMS: All plumbing and sewage installation will be buried and consist of plastics pipes and fixtures according to plans. Drawings each residence solar water heater with a one ton capacity P.V.C water tank.

16. PAINTING: All interior walls will take magnolia emulsion paint. Toilet and bath ceiling will be oil painted. All exterior wood surfaces will be painted with wood protection PX65. All other wood frame and door surfaces will take oil paint finish.

17. In ground floor flats

a. FENCING: will fencing all around and in between residences will be constructed hollow blocks 15cm thick. Will rise up to 70cm. As per plans and will be as above but it will take a lamer of plaster and paint as well.
b. YARD: Yard space in general will be shaped from clean dirt and with inclination in the direction of the front face road for each lot.
c. STAIRCASE: It will take ceramic the as the floor. And the rails will be of Aluminum of vertical shape.

18. PROVISION OF AIRCONDITIONING: Will be installing all the electric points and pipes.

The Apartments will be completed to a very high standard.
We have an experience supervision of the civil engineer.
We have expert’s pre-contractors, constructors, suppliers and all over workers.
We install the best materials for floors, for aluminum, for wood and all over material that we be used.